Saturday, August 30, 2014

Brussels Sprouts

This year, I've decided to try again growing Brussels sprouts. Tell me if this is not the most beautiful picture of the Brussels sprouts I grow in my garden. Despite a month of neglect, they decided to survive strongly. I was shocked to see them after I cleaned out all the weeds around the plants. To find them this gorgeous, really making my day.
In the past, I was not able to grow this plant as I was hoping for the nature to take care of it. Well, that didn't work well. By a week, the young plant was totally gone. They were all eaten by the worm. My heart sank. Although I spent only one or two bucks for the young plant, but to see them die just like that was heart broken. I said to myself that this time around, I am going to do it right.
The first thing I did was to cut a square board and put it at the base of the young plant. This method is to prevent the cutworm from getting to the plant and finish them off. It seems to work. The plant was growing nicely. I also add some insect repellant every time I water the plant. I sprinkled some Epsom salt around and on the young plant once a week. I also water the plant with some miracle gro.
As the weather getting hot during the day, I decided to cover the plant with some cloth for shade. I am using an old curtain that I bought from the flea market for $1. I use a 2 foot fence and secure the curtain with cloth pins. The rain water can get to the plants but the nasty butterfly cannot get to the plant to lay their eggs. The cabbage worm could also kill this plant.
I was keeping these 4 plants under the curtain up until end of august. The result was amazing and rewarding.
I picked some of the Brussels sprouts that look bigger. As usual, I will try the vegetable by taking a small bite just to taste. Oh dear! The taste of these home grown Brussels sprouts was delicious!
I cut some of them and add them to my ramen noodle. The taste was awesome.
Next, I will try the recipe given by my coworker. She said she just sautéed the Brussels sprouts with butter and cover the pan for a minute. She said not to cook it longer as the taste will turned bitter.
This is really a great success in my garden. I hope I will be harvesting more Brussels sprouts up until early frost.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Carolina Gold Tomato

The first time I tasted this Carolina gold tomato, I fell in love with it. The tomato is sweet and less acidic. It tasted refreshing and I could eat the whole bowl.
Earlier when I started growing the plant, I gave them some protection. You can read how I protect the plant. It was rewarding. As the plant grow bigger I gave them support.

Lovely. The tomato plant was getting some Epsom salt and miraclegro once a week. I also use the insect repellant to prevent bugs and bad insects.
I cut off the old leaves occasionally or whenever I have the time to do it. I am letting the nature most of the time to water the plants.
Every year I am getting lots of tomato. If I keep my method the same, I should get a load. One thing I have to remember is to rotate the location each year where I planted the plant. This way I do not keep the same bugs at the same location.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Sunchokes also known as Jerusalem Arthichoke is a delicious food that is easy to grow. The plant is from the sun flower's family. It does look like sun flower plant when young. The tubers are edible and delicious. You can boil them, cook them as how you cook for potatoes. ~May18, 2014
The plants are thriving in my garden. I know that this plant will come back year after year if I left the tuberous in the ground. The same way I thought about the mint will spread in my garden, I don't mind if this sunchokes is doing the same too.
I have yet to see the flowers. I will let this plant grow longer up until the first frost.


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